1052 KCP: CAN bus error and 328 KCP: connection error Watchdog_error

  • Hi,

    I am in process of putting a kuka kr200l170 to work.

    Cabinet (V)KRC2 ed05 No se série 37113 22/2005
    with pc KPC ed05 NO serie 00164 35/2008.

    Software V5.6.10

    In the process already add some i/o and 7 axis, SPs programming and it is working nice.

    Process -> My new used kuka KR200L170 comp

    When finaly everything is working nice two errors appeared:

    1052 KCP: CAN bus error

    328 KCP: connection error Watchdog_error

    If i let the robot dormant with power off some time, when i power it up it boot good and i can work for 5 or 10 or 15 minutes then screen light goes 40% or 50% off with little grey noise and errors appear, and softkeys stop working.

    When the error appear i can't acknowledge the error. The error dont disapear.

    If i power it down and up without wait the robot doesn't boot good.

    It boots already with reduced light in the LCD and with the error already in the mesages that i can't acknowledge.

    What i already DO:

    I already check for continuity of every single wire of the cable that connect the pendant (OK) and if have short with another wire of same cable (OK).

    Already checked the fuses. They are ok with the values inside the cabinet.

    Already put the robot to work with another spare and good PSU same problem.

    Safety circuit X11 it is ok as i dont have any right now, only jumpers.

    Checked the voltage that goes to PC X961 i get 26.5V (same when is working and not working)

    Already changed the 2 robot batteries 12v 4,5A.

    I am not sure about the place where i can measure the voltage that goes to pendant.

    Some wint what i can do ? to start ?

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  • i am with no ideas to discover the error.

    already measure the voltage in the x11 interface i think is the same as the can bus to the kcp the voltage is the same with no error and with error. so... it is possible to work without the kcp ? to see if the problem is the kcp?

    KR200L170 with rotary table Ruckle PKT1200

  • Hi,

    Thank you for your guide. Already take of X19 dissassemble and every one pin appear to be good.

    When the robot is cold and boot i already touched in both cable ends and no error appear.

    It work for 10 or 15 minutes then witouth touch anything the error appear.

    Maybe some part is defetive and get the error when some thing get warm ?

    I am without guideline and without spares part to change and test.

    KR200L170 with rotary table Ruckle PKT1200

  • Watchdog errors can have several causes:

    • Bad connection (from kcp to KRC, but also on the inside where that cable is looped through the esc card, and finally on the pc)
    • Bad connection (from robot to KRC)
    • Bad/damaged cable on the kcp
    • Bad/damaged cable to the RDW
    • Noise from other (badly or not shielded) cables.

    I normally start with swapping out the kcp, but if that is not an option the only thing you can do is check all the connections and check if there are no other cables next to KCP cable that can give noise. Like a motor cable that is connected to a frequency drive.

    Every problem has a solution, that isn't the problem. The problem is the solution.

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