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  • I try to be more specific. I have a KUKA KRC1 robot and would like to program it with robodk. Using the post-processing "KUKA KRC1 DATA" i do not get a compile src file. I attach the txt file hoping that someon suggests me the changes to be made. thanks and sorry for the inconvenience, [attach = 27731] [/ attach]


    • prog2.txt

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  • Cerco di essere più specifico. Ho un robot KUKA KRC1 e vorrei programmarlo con robodk. Utilizzando la post-elaborazione "KUKA KRC1 DATA" non ottengo un file compilato .src. Allego il file .txt [attach = 27731] [/ attach] sperando che qualcuno suggerisca di apportare modifiche. Grazie e ci scusiamo per l'inesattezza della domanda [attach = 27731] [/ attach]

    Ev forûmek ingilîzîaxêv e, pirsa xwe bi îngilîzî bişînin.

  • I do not see any obvius errors there. What are the error messages in which line of code you get running this program?

    The error is "compilation error". Also have no information on which line creates errors

  • here is the dat file

    copy the file to d:\

    remove the extension txt

    switch to expert

    within the user inteface goto the file and copy

    goto you R1 directory

    select menu item edit and the paste




    • Prog2.dat.txt

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