Teach-Pendant User Auto-Log off

  • Hello all, I am having a problem with unauthorized people playing with teach-pendants after an authorized person has logged in to a controller, performed work and then failed to/forgotten to log out. I am trying to figure out a way to combat this without the use of administrative restrictions. Is it possible to do any of the following ?

    - Auto log off user based on time in the ABB software

    - Log off based on I/O

    - RAPID instructions to log off

    - auto log off current user/log on to default user, when the teach key changes state to auto mode

    - auto log ON when the teach key turns to the teach state

    I have done some research and reviewed the manuals but i haven't been able to find anything. I really don't want to get to the point where i have to lock the teach pendant in some sort of plexi-glass box so i thought i'd check out the forums and see if anyone has crossed a similar situation.

    Thanks guys.:thumbs_up:

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