KRC2SR Controller and DENSO PC

  • Robot: KR10SC C2SR FLR 850 300

    KSS version: v7.0.12

    Controller: KRC2SR

    Hello, i'm trying to fix the problem with the KR10 KRC2SR SCARA robot. When i got my hands on it, it had this errors(errors.jpg) at the coldstart. I managed to clear the low voltage - memory backup battery and machine. data doesn't fit this robot type(cleared errors.jpeg)

    My concern is about this error "A power module failure", but when i cleared the battery and machine data error also "A power module failure" error has vanished, but still i can't jog the robot, but can hear the relays switching when pressing the deadman switch on the panel...

    Then i checked the DENSO PC at the bottom. There are 3 LEDs, POWER, RUN, ERROR. Only POWER LED is on, i'm guessing the also RUN LED has to be on,ERROR is off, and i can also see the 2 RED LEDs ON inside the PC, but don't know what are they signaling, but i'm guessing some fault...

    I cannot find any data on this part of the KRC2SR about DENSO PC to eliminate fault, but i'm guessing that those 2 RED leds are signaling "A power module failure", but this error isn't shown anymore in the messages.

    If anyone can share some info about those LEDS, would be gratefull...

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  • You have disconnect the battery from the Denso Part.

    You lost the Machine Datas on the Denso-Part.

    That's the reason for the Error:


    Denso Controller works then normally with some default configuration with a six axis manipulator.

    Scara has 4 axis. could be also the reason for the Power Modul fault.

    Change the batteries and load the Denso parameters with a special procedure.

  • Hi maybe you didn't read my whole post and saw all the pics, i already did that... there are no more errors about machine data and low voltage - memory backup battery.

    I'm asking about those LEDs on DENSO PC, only POWER LED is on when i switch the controller and KSS coldstarts.

  • well this is a unicorn, and without seeing same thing before or having working unit to compare to, there is no way to tell.

    sometimes LEDs were used to as light indicators (color irrelevant), sometimes it is the color that conveys the message (a preferable way for sure), etc. but ... can't tell for certain what the case here is.

    perhaps light meant:

    "PSU fault" or

    "Power on, bus voltage is high (danger do not touch or try to service now)"

    do you know if this red led was not lit in the past when things were working?

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    2) if you have an issue with robot, post question in the correct forum section... do NOT contact me directly

    3) read 1 and 2

  • hello, i never before dig in that much into this controller because i only occasionally worked with them so i can't tell for sure (i only one time have some memory of error LED blinking) and going through all may manuals about this LEDs, didn't find any info in them...

    But yesterday i had at my hand 2 controllers, which should work and be OK, but no KRCSR robots...

    So testing with these controllers and customer controller, it is now giving on all three of them the same error at boot "Internal Controller Error..." as you can see in the pics Controller_1_Error.jpg and Controller_2_Error.jpg and on all controller only POWER led is on on this DENSO PC, then i thought it must be something on the robot side, so i went again through manuals if this robot has some card inside the robot... and from my search it has only one with the backup batteries, and i exchanged this Denso Card, but error is the same again...

  • Thnx, but what parameter according to the robot? Machine data maybe?

    I followed this procedure for changing the machine data and the error for machine data went away... Do you have maybe some info about those leds on Denso PC?

    Re: KR5 SIXX R850 machine data

    If i enter in the telnet command ShowRobotType it gives me this in the picture Controller_Type.jpg, picture was taken after i changed the machine data...

    before was both 56...

    But dont know what TMP and BACK means, should they be the same?

  • The internal Controller Error is an Error from the Denso-Part, class "parameter or memory error".

    Original Denso Code are only the last 4 signs from the KUKA error.

    I have found some online manual where it says the for level 4 error code the Error LED should be ON, but in my case only POWER LED is on...

    I have found some info about those leds... RUN LED is on only when in auto, ERR is on when some error occurs, in my case the robot is in T1 and no ERR led

  • If i enter in the telnet command ShowRobotType it gives me this in the picture Controller_Type.jpg, picture was taken after i changed the machine data...

    The picture was made after the reboot ?

    56 is a KR5 model. Your sure, that this controller was working with your KR10 model. They have other drive units.

  • Yes one controller is original for the robot scara KR10, i took picture after reboot i think... the robot was working fine on saturday, then it is was shut down and on monday was turned on again showing those errors at the begging of the thread...

  • Hello, nope, the robot just refused to work, only "dynamic braking active" and i've tried also with 3 diferent controllers...

    hello, did you manage to solve the problem? I have the same situation now. thanks for any advice

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