floor mounting kr210

  • Hello.

    I have a floor with hard soil (has stones inside and it is pressed) what concrete-rebar must use for mounting stable a kr210 robot ?

    Also to temporary mounting on a metallic frame what steel can i use to make a base for just testing the robot ?

    Are there any photos with metallic bases temporary mounting robots ?

    One man told me for 6mx6mx0.25m concrete with double steel rebar (up-down)

    This is about 9m^3concrete is that enough too low or too much ?

    9m^3 concrete with rebar steel cost about 3000 euros.

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  • Based on personal experience, that sounds reasonable. But KUKA has specific guidelines for every model robot, and you should definitely check them.

    How you mount the robot to the concrete also matters a great deal. There is a minimum number of anchors, anchor diameter, and anchor length, that are required. From my vague memory, 8 expansion anchors, of M10-M12 diameter, 150-200mm long. But again, you should absolutely check this against KUKA's recommendations. The type of anchor also matters -- chemical anchors vs expansion anchors changes the numbers, IIRC.

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