CIP Safety between Kuka KRC4 KSS 8.5 and Schneider safety PLC M580 4040S

  • Hi,
    I try to communicate a CIP safety communication between a Kuka controller and a Schneider safety PLC.

    The process communication works.
    When I diagnosis the CIP safety communication through Schneider ControlExpert 14.1 software, it said that the TUNID is not set (Safety network number and SCID).

    When I try to set from Schneider COntrol Expert 14.1, it respond ok but it says it is always in state Waiting for TUNID.

    I tried a lot of things.
    Kuka said that the Safety network number should be inserted in the description of SafetyControl ->Overview->Parameter data set->Description, I tried it too but without success. In Schneider PLC, the SNN has this format (4565_0025_7069). In Kuka controller, I don't know the format include the underscore.

    If anyone has some clue, it will be very appreciated.

    I tried a lot of different refresh time for the safety communication but I don't thing that's the problem. At this, time I put 45 ms for input refresh time and 90 ms for output refresh time.

    Thank you!


  • SNN is a 6-byte value (so no underscores), and what you see is in hex (2 characters per byte)

    TUNID is a 1--byte value, it contains 6 byte from SNN plus 4 byte representing node ID

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