Problem with Simulation programs.

  • Hello everyone.

    I'm in some troubles with simulation program now. I hope I can receive advices from this forum. Below are my troubles:

    - The number of instructions in simulation program list is too less. It doesn't have full of instruction as TP programs.

    - I can't copy instructions in simulation program , I also can't use register (such as position register) in simulation program.

    - I don't know how to convert a TP programs into a simulation program.

  • Hi

    I agree with you , I don't like the way Fanuc did that.

    Simulation programs are just that, move the robot to points, make parts appear and disappear, reach study. It's designed to make this simple tool to show in sales meetings or for preliminary machine design

    Why not have both programs incorporated (like any other robot package) is beyond me

    Personally, I think somebody in the 90's put that software together and it has never been update. Sorry, It has been updated, no re design for t more modern technology. Samewith most of the Fanuc software. They need to do something like ABB when the went to S4 to IRC. Massive revamp

    Retired but still helping

  • You can mix both regular TP programs and simulation programs in roboguide. The way I do it is create all logic in TP, then call a sim program when needed. Then when loading files on the real robot I will replace the sims with real TP programs.

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