Drive Unit Temperature Warning, 39467

  • Hello to members.

    yesterday i was working on abb, and it suddenly give warning "drive unit temperature warning, 39467".The temperature has risen above above the warning level in drive number "1". The probable causes mentioned for that i have cross checked 2,3 times. fans are ok, ambient temperature was ok. no hard acceleration issue.
    study the material i found a manual for S4C Plus controller mentioning PTC thermal supervision. Unfortunately i don't have "circuit diagram" pdf manual for IRC5. if some one please share i ll have a look for PTC settings, and connection from motor to IRC5 panel board. should i have to check the PTC hardware at the "axis 1" motor side also.

    any other hint for the mentioned alarm, if someone can share. :exclamation_mark:

  • The IRC5 has several different drive types. The amplifier part # or a picture of the inside of your cabinet will help identify what setup you have.

    With cabinets that vent out of the bottom, I seen them overheat with good fans because underneath the controller was jammed solid with spare cables and debris that cutoff air flow. Debris clogging up the amplifier cooling fins are another common cause.

    Mechanical issues with the robot can be causing the amplifier to work harder. A failing axis reducer, motor, no oil in the cavity after replacing a motor, incompatible oil mixed with synthetic causing it to break down, etc. The axis/motor will also be running hot.

  • This is IRB 4400/940 with standard IRC5 controller (main drive unit DSQC 617_3G3T) art# 3HAC025338-004. i have checked, the vent out for this drive module is on the rear side of the controller. all 3 fans are working fine. i have removed the back cover and check all three fans. no abnormal sound of manipulator while in motion.

    i want to check the PTC connection from axis motor to panel module or amplifier module but i don't have circuit diagram for that or may be its a false alarm signal generated due to software glitch while checking temperature sensors...

    any help in this regard..

  • The 39467 error is for the drive unit in the controller. A PTC circuit error would be 39468. If you would like to measure the entire PTC circuit, I measure between pins 1 & 2 on the X5 connector that plugs into contactor unit. Can't give you an exact value, I would expect 300-600 ohms or 50-100 ohms per motor. As it is Positive Temperature Coefficient, the resistance increases with temperature.

    If you had replaced an older 3HAC14546-4 (2004 series) drive with the replacement DSQ317 (2006 series) drive, make sure the harness jumper (see attachment) is installed and it is plugged in.

  • yes sir, found the circuit diagram in manual section. today i measure the value at pin 1 and 2 of connector X5 at contactor board. Its value is 400 ohms when no warning was present. after 3,4 minutes when temperature warning raises, again measured the value of PTC its 400 ohms. apparently there seems no problem at PTC end.

  • i have found some info about this warning. it is related to some Glitch in actual software (Robotware version 5.07.01). algorithm used to monitor the overall drive temperature (as there are several PTCs). the said issue was fixed in later version of robotware (Robotware 5.07.02 and above). any info in this regard. can baseware affects the system to that level. Can i download robotware 5.07.02 or above or have to purchase this from abb.

  • I like RW 5.15 for earlier controllers but don't have a migration guide to give detail advice. I would call ABB and get their recommendation on which version is best for your controller and application. You can download the software from ABB.

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  • i checked both software and hardware side. removed the servo drive unit from controller and clean the heat sinks on servo drive unit back, check the capacitor installed, drive power supply unit, loose connection. no problem i found.

    reloaded the backup when no IO's were defined. still the alarm triggers. i am confused due to abrupt behave of this alarm.

    at morning when ambient temperature is 30 degree C, it triggers temp alarm. After acknowledge the alarm the robot works fine for 3,4 hours then suddenly alarm triggers again.

  • Sir, the alarm trigger behavior is abrupt, at morning around 9:30 am, i turned on ABB.

    I will go for the temperature measure at heat sink but i am confused cause it triggers alarm after 2 to 3 minutes. In 3 minutes i am not sure temperature boost to that limit.. I am writing down the alarm sequence may be it helps in understanding the issue.

    39467: Drive Unit "1" temperature warning

    39468: Drive Unit "1" temperature alarm

    39469: Drive Unit "1"temperature critical

    these 3 triggers combined "all at one time". after acknowledge them and press Enabling switch

    20312: Enable 2 Open

    20213: Two Channel Fault

    20240: Conflict between Enable Signals

    20312: Enable 2 Open

    and robot start working fine for sometimes 3 hours..

  • i have visually confirmed the circuit of drive unit. After removing cover at the top there are 2 cards.

    one is used for interfacing of main drive module with rectifier unit.

    2nd is used for interfacing with Axis Computer module.

    below the interfacing cards there are 6 servo drive cards, above 3 with 6 power input cables and bottom 3 with 3 power input cables.

    these 6 cards are mirror image of each other. i am a little confused, can we replace top 3 cards with bottom 3 cards. by doing so the triggered alarm

    39467: Drive Unit "1" temperature warning should change from drive unit "1" to some other drive unit number.

    this will confirm the actual problem either in hardware or some software glitch is there in Robotware..

    seems a silly approach but i don't have any spare drive unit with me..if anyone in the forum share drive module circuit diagram i will study in detail on my own.. regards.

    Skooter thanks for your feedback...

  • Skooter


    RobotWare: 5.05.0133

    Key: pWVVe-ohlSJVWVXnNvVW


    RW Control module key

    RobotWare OS and English

    644-2 German


    709-1 Master/Slave Single

    616-1 RW-PC Interface

    620-1 RW-File and Serial Channel Handling

    621-1 RW-Logical Cross Connections

    622-1 RW-Analog Signal Interrupt

    608-1 RW-World Zones

    609-1 RW-Fixed Position Events

    611-1 RW-Path Recovery

    617-1 RW-FlexPendant Interface


    Key: akht5xcWT78


    RW Drive module 1 key

    IRB 2400/10 Type B

  • Hello Alaa Elsholy.

    In my case it was a Software glitch as i mentioned in above post

    "i have found some info about this warning. it is related to some Glitch in actual software (Robotware version 5.07.01). algorithm used to monitor the overall drive temperature (as there are several PTCs). the said issue was fixed in later version of robotware (Robotware 5.07.02 and above)."

    Just updated the Robotware and problem resolved.

  • Hello, I have a robot IRC5 M2004. Now I can´t use the robot because has the alarm 39467 drive unit temperature warning.

    I can´t put on the the robot.

    We check the temperature of the drivers, they are fine, the voltages, we check the connector X5 but the fault still continues.

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