Torchmate 3 Fanuc

  • I am confused about what is torchmate for ??

    I have setup torchmate for one of my TCP - too frame.

    I mastered it..

    then ran the TM_ADJST program which calls SET_ATCP

    It started giving me the X Y variation for each run, whenever IT PASSES the program ( I have set variation to 1mm) - You can see that on the right side window under DATA torchmate

    BUT WHENEVER IT FAILS , IT SAYS ----- TMAT -000 Offset is out of range - which mean it failed

    Then it gives there options - on the left side... for fail cycles there is no Data under - DATA torchmate

    What to do after this...

    Whenever i go to option 1 and SHIFT FORWARD-- it says program is running, but nothing happens.

    I was thinking torchmate cahnges the TCP frame values automatically , how to do that??

    Or It is only to see those variation in DATA, nothing else, its not for auto updating or adjusting TCP???

    Pls answer

  • Torchmate adjusts the tool frame each time TM_Adjust is executed. If you see variation after running torchmate several times concurrently, I would assume you aren't using the correct tool frame or something else is configured incorrect.

  • Whenever it adjusts the TCP, you mean i will see the TOOL Frame Values changed after TM AJST is executed?

    I am not seeing any change in the TOOL Frame values in Setup-Frames window, so i dont know if its adjusting or not

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