Yrc1000 to PC connection

  • Hi,

    I have a yrc1000 controller with gp12 robot.

    I wish to write values from PC to robot position registers directly. How can i do that.

    Like i will be having some x, y, z and angle data in an excel file and i want to transfer these values to a robot position register so that robot will go to that position. How can i do that ?

    Second application is of plasma cutting on the robot. When there is height difference in the sheet, i want that the robot should adjust the z axis up/down, i have a avc automatic voltage controller which gives me output but how can i transfer this data to robot to adjust the height in real time ?

    Any help or references please ?

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  • Hello,

    for the connect PC and controller, you must use MOTOCOM SDK but it is not free and purchase from Yaskawa.

    If you use MOTOCOM and write program in Visual Studio, you can load any file and use it, read the file value and send to robot.

    What is the output of your device? (avc automatic voltage controller)

    it is depend in the device output, if you will correct the difference in offline (robot isn't moving and before running), you can read the data by your PCand send to robot, or you can read device value from PLC and send to the robot. but if you will correct the difference in real time, it need more programming, maybe you couldn't do that by yourself.

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