User-Frame Manipulation

  • I am using a GP12 robot with YRC1000

    Let me explain my application:

    1. I have created a user frame, (as a master frame) on which my distance sensors are mounted.

    Command :

    MFRAME UF(1) P00 BF

    Point P00 is taught in Base Frame or say Robot frame.

    My master Position variable here will be P00 in this case.

    I do this as the offsets that I receive from the sensor will not be perfectly aligned to my Robot's Base Frame/ Robot Frame.

    2. Then, I create another user-frame on whose reference my job will be taught as a relative job. ( referred as JOB frame hereafter).


    MFRAME UF(2) P01 UUF(1)

    Point P01 is taught in User Frame 1


    Now, the sensor being mounted on my Master Frame, they will provide me offsets w.r.t to that Frame, however I need my offsets in my userframe created using P01. How do I convert my Master Frame Offsets to my P01 frame offsets ?

    Thank you in advance

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