Finding DH parameters for a robot arm with 6 DOF

  • Hi,

    In order to find the DH Parameter of a robot arm with 6 DOF you should follow a set of rules:

    First DH Parameter:

    You have a rotation around the Z-axis and a translation along the Z-axis


    You have rotation around th X-axis and a translation along the X-axis.

    You could handle the Z-axis first and then the X-axis (standard DH parameter)


    you could handle the X-axis first and then the Z-axis (modified DH parameter, sometimes also called DHm (or Craig))

    This gives you two differnt DH transformation matrices (and less or more work afterwards)

    Now the rules

    Number 1

    Draw a kinematic model of your robot

    draw the model as wire frame in the XZ-plane (why: see above) and all axes in Zero position (just to make live easier)

    do not scale

    Number 2

    the rotation of the robot axis is the z-axis needed for the DH parameter (normally here you have to check for the direction of rotation)

    in most CAD/CAM systems X-axis is red, Y-Axis is green and Z-axis is blue (easy to remember XYZ RGB)

    will be cont ....



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