LR mate 200ib J6 Motor faulty

  • the machine was tripping the beaker. I checked all the axis and found that axis 6 had 5 ohms of resistance between the winding and earth. I Removed the winding connector on the motor and did a continuity test on the motor it self and still getting 5 ohms. Does it mean i need a new motor?

    Thanks :)

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  • If the failure is somewhere inside the winding, yes.

    If the failure is where the windings terminate to the connector, no - you can fix that with an hour of work.

    If it's not under warranty or you have no contracts preventing you from doing so, carefully disassemble the motor. Failures to chassis are usually obvious, especially if it is the small run between windings and connector. If so, crimp on a nice piece of extension copper, test it with your meter, then cover your entire repair in quality insulating epoxy as strain relief. Let it set and then throw it at a highpot tester.

    I've fixed 3 alpha motors this way. Great feeling when it works. More than makes up for the dozen or so that didn't work.

    Make sure to grab a manual and follow the motor removal process word for word. That wave generator for the harmonic drive is easy to damage.

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