Question about Kawasaki TCP/IP Communication on C#

  • Hello Everyone,

    I am going to get data from Kawasaki robot with ethernet socket. I succesfully get data on KCwinTCP.

    on Microsoft visual studio windows form app. Here I can connect to robot. I don't know which port will I use? I have tried different port. but there is no data: (Just Connected)

    Actually I want to get data on C# like KCwinTCP

    Here Program code. Is there something wrong?:

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  • KCWin TCP is Telnet application and uses port 23.

    As it is telnet application, in order to replicate communication from windows environment, you require to use KRCC dll in windows environment.

    KRCC dll allows for direct command exchange between windows and Kawasaki.

    You can find versions of Kawasaki official KRCC dll (which include help files for explanation) in the following thread to download:

    KRCC problem with windows 1903 and .net >= 4.0

    Attached is an example of something I did using windows environment (I am no expert in windows programming) using the KRCC dll to create window environment and communicate with Kawasaki.

    The video displays example communicating with KROSET (Kawasaki Simulation Application) using specific IP Address and Port No.

    For communication to real world robot, only requires IP address and port 23.

    Patryk Zajdel and MJ23 are members (I hope they don't mind me mentioning them) here who have further developed and may be able to assist you.

    Hope this helps......

  • Thank you for reply. I understood a little bit. But my question literally is not this.

    I mean I want to get back-up from kawasaki robot, or ".as" file of robot. or datasheet... whatever you say.

    Back-up from KCwinTCP like that Here screenshot:

    I have tried ip address and port 23. it is connected. but there is no incoming data.

  • I also tried with "Hercules Setup Utility" program. I opened a server. I connected with my form app (visual studio). I sent test data from Hercules. After than it came to my form app. So it is working. Here screenshot:

    So when I put robot Ip address and port 23 or different port. It can connected. but there is no incoming data like file.

  • How is the Kawasaki supposed to receive, decode, execute and send data?

    It will not automatically read a string message to an AS does not work like that.

    KRCC dll library contains the correct commands to allow to build an application that runs on windows pc to communicate to Kawasaki using AS Commands.

    Just sending string messages to an ethernet port will not work without either:

    1. Using a dll library to prepare and send the data packet correctly.

    2. Making programs in Kawasaki to receive, read, decode, execute and send data.

  • Hey there,

    I can only confirm what kwakisaki said. With KRCC dll it is fairly easy to establish a connection with the robot and send commands.

    However, downloading and uploading files caused some trouble for me at the beginning, if you experience any problems with that feel free to ask :winking_face:

  • I am trying to implement the above task like that video. If you don't mind could you please share the source codes?

  • You can have them with pleasure, it's pretty messy in there............

    Kawasaki KRcc3\bin\x64\debug was the last time I touched it which I used for the video I think.........

  • I successfully connected to robot. I can get backup with KRcc.dll

    Now I have new missions. If I have a issue I open new thread.

    Thank you everybody :smiling_face:

    I'm trying to do backups too, would you mind sharing your code?


  • Thanks a lot guys.


    Is there a Kawasaki controller simulator to install on my pc and make test on my local pc without real robot connection

  • Welcome to the forum......... :beerchug:

    Kawasaki provides a dedicated OLP application called KROSET.

    This is available from your local Kawasaki distributor or if you are a Kawasaki client, you can sign up to their download centre and download it from there:

    Kawasaki Robotics Download Centre - Manuals, Software and Tools for Kawasaki Robots - Robotforum - Support and discussion community for industrial robots and cobots (

    KROSET is one application.

    - Licensed USB HASP Dongle offers specific applications based on license obtained with no restrictions.

    - Trial License available for 60 days, but must be applied for and has all applications with no restrictions.

    - Lite mode is when you don't have a license, but can still use the applications but with restrictions.

    If you look at my Youtube channel you will see some demonstrations of many functions using KRoset.

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