KRC2 booting issues

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  • sjx, MOM, panic mode thanks!

    I did start up controller and after Cross3 stuck again I used Ctrl+ALT+Delete to see what's wrong and I saw Explorer [Not responding]. So selected End Task for Explorer, than Ctrl+ALT+Delete and this time it showed Guardtray [Not responding], so I ended that, too. Next one was Guard9x [Not responding] -> End Task. Then KUKA started loading!!!

    sjx, read the threads you found, many thanks! I looked in to C:\KRC\BIN, there was no .freeze file (maybe I received robot with that file deleted). I forced cold Starup. Interestingly, the screen when on to stay long after I switched the cabinet off (this did not happen before)!! Now I remember, that some long time ago it used to be that after power off screen stayed on for some seconds. Not recently. Screen acts as if controller 2 batteries were old but they are not old, changed recently. When I started the cabinet on I got the same problem with Cross3 freezing :smiling_face: Cold start did not help.

    I did all the same End Tasks for Explorer, Guardtray and Guard9x and KUKA loaded again. This time there were no usual messages ("Reboot after powerfail" or "Ackn. under voltage PM1")! Am I normally shutting the controller down incorrectly (by power off knob on controller?) Shall I always use Cold Startup to get it boot without powerfail messages? :smiling_face: For what its worth, I tried Shutdown option in Windows, it got me to windows restarting and into dark screen later...

    So I did warm power on again. This time only Guardtray End Task (Explorer, Guard9x were not indicated as problem) an KUKA started loading and never finished (just showing clock item)...obviously I should have ended Explorer and Guard9x....

    Restart again, End Tasked all 3 apps, checked C:\KRC\BIN. No .freeze. There are Cross3, KukaBof, KukaDB, OleTest, vxworks.debug, and files there. So I went to to Monitor -> Diagnosis -> Log book -> Display. Last logs seem for the day when things went wrong. One strange message I see "Safety circuit has detected an error. Use ESC-Diagnose for further information".

    Will try to unplug X21 when pendant not lighting next time...

    Also, apparently I have lost mastering, but that's not an issue, I have done it before...

    I assume now I have the chance to use File -> Restore -> ??? after I have cloned SSD card to at least be able to get back where I am now if it does not work :smiling_face: as I have no Windows CD.

    What do you think about Guardtray, Guard9x? :smiling_face:

    Sorry for long post, just wanted to document it properly

    Thanks for all your guidance!

  • Hi

    I'm glad you were able to start the computer.

    First of all stop any trying to start system before hdd clone. The most important is to save current status of HDD. In this way you can start Windows from him.

    As far as I know you do not have installation discs. I mean Windows OS and KSS instalation disks. Therefore You need to clone HDD. You can clone HDD on every IDE HDD if you have one, even old HDD but whitout sectors errors. For future purposes you can buy new SSD.

    Start system whith the cloned HDD. If KSS does not start, reinstall KSS from "D" partition over current instalation on partition "C:" Du not delete current installation.

    To start reinstallation proccess while Windos starts, press SHIFT KEY to stop starting of KSS.

    Start windows explorer, go to d: and find KSS instalation folder.

    Reinstall KSS

    I hope the system starts without errors, but if problems still occur, we will look for a solution. As I have already shared, I have no experience with KUKA ROBOTS, I am currently studying, and if I am wrong, I hope the experienced guys from the forum will share better solutions.

    Even you current HDD is not damaged, making a new one (as spare HDD) is good for the future.

  • pipo, Thanks, yes I agree. The only nuance is my current KRC2 system does not have any HDD! It only has InnoDisk InnoLite EDC 40P-V 8 GB (DE0H-08GD51AC1DN) Embedded Disk Card attached to motherboard. I am currently in the process of getting exact same old EDC card model so when I do my first ever clone and physically change cards on motherboard I have less potential issues. Not sure if this assumption is correct.

  • Hi

    the InnoDisk - The computer does not know that this is no ordinary hard drive. You can clone it the same way you clone a regular hard drive.

    Do you have another computer with two IDE ports and a USB port.

    If you don't have one, you can also clone on the KUKA computer.

    Tell me what you have to tell You how to do the cloning

  • agreed, as far as KPC is concerned, that is the HDD. inner working of device is not important, it interfaces to a KPC as a standard PATA HDD and it will be used as one. so backup procedure is the same too.

    1) read pinned topic: READ FIRST...

    2) if you have an issue with robot, post question in the correct forum section... do NOT contact me directly

    3) read 1 and 2

  • Thanks, this is helpful to know.

    Oldest PC I have is with two SATA HDD slots. Just ordered two SATA to IDE converters. Will let you know :smiling_face:

  • Hi,

    Today finally received two SATA to IDE converters. The old PC I have is Windows XP with 2 HDD physical drives in SATA ports. I took USB flash and created Clonezilla on it. I disconnected HDDs and connected original EDC from controller PC as well as empty EDC (both via SATA to IDE converters). Launched Clonezilla (all good), got till screen where I have to choose source disk and Clonezilla tells me: "To do local disk to disk clone, there must be at least 2 harddisks in the machine! Only 1 disk is found!".

    I checked the basics, power is supplied to both EDCs and converters, green lights on both, converter switches to right positions according to converter manual, both cards are lightly warm.

    I checked BIOS and under Advanced -> Drive Configuration it shows all SATA Ports as [Not Installed]. See pic. I have no experience with these things. I would guess that new hardware have to be installed...can I do it via BIOS? Any advice much appreciated.

  • On the SATA to IDE converter is 2 position switch - what is the function of them?

    On BIOS configuratiom menu (advanced mode) try to play with ATA/IDE mode and Configre sata as... After setup make SAVE AND EXIT to restart the BIOS.

    Then start PC and go to BIOS and check for installed disks

    You can start tests with only one disk and then connect the second one

    Be carefull! Which EDC is original (wit KSS) and wich is the NEW. On MB of PC close to SATA connectors must be small text ( Sata PORT num) . This num is on advanced bios menu and clonezilla reported disk

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  • Hi,

    I am a little bit confused because I haven't seen any sata connector on the main board you are using.

    So I expect that you want to connect a sata HDD to the ide controller using your converter.

    But this would mean that your HDD would be seen by the bios as ide HDD.

    Or did I simply missed something?



  • MOM

    EDC disk have IDE interface and plugged on KUKA main board IDE connector.

    To make a clonning, DS using another PC with SATA only (as DS say) but I can't see on the picture exatly the MB connectors. To connect EDC (IDE) to main bord with SATA we have using IDE to SATA convertor

    But there is problem to setup BIOS to recognize EDC dsiks


    Did you manage to set the BIOS to see the disks

    On EDC may be you have to change jumpers to change EDC mode (single, primary etc...

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