How to display the errors of a Fanuc robot on an HMI

  • Hello everybody,

    I apologize for my bad English.

    I'm a student and i have a question : I would like to display the errors of a Fanuc robot on a HMI but i don't know how is it possible ? How to recover the errors informations and data value ?

    Thank you.


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  • You need an SNPX capable HMI and the HMI Device option. If you don't have that then there is a dedicated option for error code output, however its only going to give you the error code number, and severity, not a string for the description/info.

  • You can use an HMI that includes a GE Series 90 SNPX driver like Erik mentioned but you could also use an OPC UA server or Modbus/TCP. The OPC UA and Modbus/TCP capabilities are more recent releases and you need to have V9.30 software.

    These would all require you to purchase the HMI Device option.

    The manuals for the HMI Device Communication are:

    MARUCHOPM05191E | A : HMI Device Communication (with OPC UA or MODBUS/TCP) Operator

    MARUCHMID06121E | B : HMI Device Communication (GE Series 90 SNPX) Operator

    These manuals are free as eDocs on the FANUC cRc website if you have a cRc account.

  • There is another way without purchasing HMI Device option.

    You can use explicit messaging and extract everything you need concerning Alarms.

    1 Alarm ID The Alarm ID, or Alarm Code.

    2 Alarm Number The Alarm Number

    3 Alarm ID Cause Code The Cause Code of the Alarm ID.

    4 Alarm Num Cause Code The Cause Code of the Alarm Number.

    5 Alarm Severity The Alarm Severity.

    6 Time Stamp The Alarm Time Stamp in 32-bit

    MS-DOS format.

    7 Date/Time String The Alarm Time Stamp in a human

    readable string.

    8 Alarm Message The Alarm Message in a human

    readable string.

    9 Cause Code Message The Alarm Cause Code Message in a

    human readable string.

    This is provided you are using Ethernet IP communication protocol between PLC and robot. Explicit messaging itself is very easy to syntax and use but you must be a bit carefull as it is a broadcast packet. If you overdo it you can easilly flood the LAN of your machine.

  • Hi everybody,

    I want to transfer data whit an ethenet cable from a hmi to the robot but i don't know how to start.... Anyone know how it works "HMI Device option" for transfer a register ? And how to test it with roboguide ?

    Thank you.


  • Not mine but checkout

    It's a webpage that allows to "jog" a robot and execute programs though HTTP. Probably not production ready or safety rated so be careful but it does some interesting things.

    Their webmonitor.kl program returns a .json response when you send a http get request to <robotIP>/KAREL/WEBMONITOR. The json contains only the most recent error but you could modify it. This should work in all browsers and if your HMI supports HTTP then it should be doable.

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