abb irb 6400 m96 bootingsequence

  • Hi, I'm the new owner of an irb 6400 m96 with an s4 controller. When i try starting it it asks me to insert boot disk one , i insert it press akey but nothing happens it just refreshes the screen. i tried putting it on an usb and feeding it that way but the same thing happens

    hte version of the os reported on the disk is 2.1 does anyone know a way to load this ptogram? thank you for reading this and for the imput

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  • i putted in a floppy driver since the usb reader i think doesn't work and after i insert the disk i recive this error:

    loading fpl:/abb_ioc.000 ...0%

    ERROR! Could not read complete IOC file

    Please restart the system

    i don't know what to do, i tried restarting more than one time but nothing the same error appears

  • The files on disks get corrupted over time. There is BaseWare OS 2.1 (3HAB2333-1/xx) and Baseware OS RAP 2.1 (3HAB2334-1/xx). What version of 2.1 do you have? It should be listed on the disk label and can also be found if you open the file in a text editor. The /xx refers to the software revision number.

  • thank you so much , do you also have the other ones? them would be useful since i don't know ywìet id them are corrupted and odds are htey are. thank you so much

  • I run a usb drive all the time but when needing a cold start i have to put the floppy disk reader back in. its just two cables. my s4 m98 needs to feel the physicsl disk insert so usb transferred loading sequence disks have failed me. I am fortunate to have the original key disk and 7 loader disks still and they work however i have needed to replace the floppy drive due to not accepting all the loading disks. tried another floppy drive and all loading was back to normal and loaded system. floppy drive was bad not the disks.

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