YASKAWA YRC1000 allow movement in teach mode only in certain areas like cubes?

  • Hellou,

    how can i allow or deny movement in teach mode for operator so he/she can't make damage on machine or equipment???

    Is there a way to stop robot movement in multiple cubes at ones??? I would like to create safe space in which movement is allowed. Than i would like to look if tcp is moving outside that area and STOP IT and call alarm.

    Can someone help?

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  • What generation of controller? Concurrent I/O ladder program would be a starting point. TCP operating envelope? Cube prohibits that are currently written in the ladder? Hold signal in the ladder?

    More details please.

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  • GP180 is controller, all movement is in robot jobs. LADDER is as it is in start configuration. So, if i understand you well: I can use some bit input as "reset signal". If robot is in cubes (connected free movement space) , it can move freely . If robot TCP reach outside of cube it trigger hold. If reset is pressed you can move robot just a little bit so you can correct path. Does anyone have this part of LAD? I'm scared to destroy robots basic functions and i never work in ladder of yaskawa, just Siemens PLC ladder.

  • It depends on what you actually want to do.

    I don't know if the ladder editor is already enabled on YRC1000, because it is FD (optional).

    Also you can change the ladder file in text editor.

    Here on forum, there is a thread about the Mladder software. It shows you graphically the ladder but the changes need to be made in text.

    If you tell as exactly what you want to do, we (the whole community) can give you more ideas.

  • I want to allow movement in Teach mode only in these cubes because everywhere else is danger for machine. This will prevent operator to damage machines if he will have to drive robot manually.

  • You can do it as I've told you. Set that if the robot is out of these cubes AND in teach mode, cut the servo.

    You can also set one output that won't be mentioned anywhere in case you really need to move it, to be able to do so.

  • I made just this in a YRC by cube interferences. You can also setup an output when the robot is in/outside of them. If you control the SVON signal from an outside device you can use this output to control it.

    But I don't think it's necessary to turn the servos off since the controller already blocks the movement if you tresspass that area.

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