Aftermarket controller for ABB Manipulator

  • Has anybody got any experience with running abb robot with a aftermarket controller like linux Cnc ect ? I’m wanting somthing the cad cam capable

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  • I have spent considerable amount of time researching retrofitting old industrial robots with new control hardware.

    A few things,

    LinuxCNC will work but not in its current state. It is not designed for six axis robots, well not yet!, See my retrofitting thread,…546-motoman-k6sb-retrofit , I will in the next year finished my six axis robot configuration for LinuxCNC.
    The main problem with LinuxCNC is it does not allow for the dynamics that a open chain manipulator imposes. I have written some components that do that and detect singularities and such.

    The biggest hurdle you will face with your ABB manipulator is re using the AC servos. As long as your current servo drives use industry standard control signals then you should be OK.

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