• Another question for you guys, we are having some problems with fast measure enabling. We want to use kuka TCP calibration (Tracc TCP) and on configuration tab on KRC it says that fast measurement pins are not activated. We have tried to do it manually by adding them intro the "MeasureChannels" then we're hitting some $MEAS_PULSE configuration error (dont have pic at the moment). Also a fun fact that on a second robot we're using TCP and conveyor, we have conveyor setup and connecton to one fast measure input then TCP is also working. So problem must be in enabling them but canot figure it out how to enable them in WV.

    <MeasureChannel ID="1"/>
    <MeasureChannel ID="2"/>
    <MeasureChannel ID="3"/>
    <MeasureChannel ID="4"/>
    <MeasureChannel ID="5"/>
    <MeasureChannel ID="6"/>
    <MeasureChannel ID="7"/>
    <MeasureChannel ID="8"/>

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