Simulating KUKA program

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    I want to be able to program KUKA robots offline, and simulate the programs (i.e. having the robot movements visualized). So the same functionality that RoboGuide offers for Fanuc and RobotStudio offers for ABB. As far as I understand, I need Kuka SimPro + Kuka OfficeLight for that. Is that true, and what is the approximate price for these programs? Someone told me that the price is about €12.000 for those two programs combined, is that really true?? And if so, are there then any cheaper alternatives?


  • SimPro includes OfficeLite and $12k or so is about right.

    OfficeLite alone (without SimPro) is maybe 10-15% of that price.

    This still allows you to do programming, debugging etc but you don't see robot arm in 3D, only position values as if you are looking at teach pendant

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  • Thanks! So it shows the coordinates. That means you must have chosen which robot model it is supposed to simulate, right? What about the movement speeds? Are they realistic? I might be able to cobble together some visualization myself, by transmitting joint values to my own software from the sps.


  • working with OfficeLite is like working with real KRC4.... everything is VERY realistic.

    you can use any robot - just change configuration using WoV, save as new project, deploy/activate.

    i am constantly switching between robots as each project is different.

    OL (OfficeLite) is convenient since portable - it is software that installs on your computer but since there is no hardware, you cannot use certain options like fieldbus (EtherentIP or ProfiNet) though you can use EthernetKRL, OPC etc and many other options. Also one can run more than one OL instance at the same time if needed.

    OPS (Offline Programming Station) is a hardware - a desktop PC using authentic KRC4 motherboard etc. This means it is a bit more expensive and not as portable as OfficeLite but... you can use Fieldbus for example, you can conveniently swap in/ out HDD from a real KRC4.

    Re: Questions about offline programming

    Both OL and OPS allow you to add external axes too. Both run same KSS that is on real KRC4. in fact you can upgrade/downgrade KSS as long as you stick with same major version (must match OL version). I am using OL 8.5 so any KSS 8.5 is fine. It came as 8.5.4 if i remember then i was upgrading it as i pleased. Currently running 8.5.8.

    From operational point of view this is indistinguishable from using smartPad except:

    * Mode selection is done using ComboBox (pull down list).

    * Enabling switch is a button in upper right corner.

    * There is no Safety Configuration

    * There is no real motors so no current (hence cannot monitor torque)

    * StatusKeys (4 user buttons on the lower left) work fine with all tech options but cannot be tested using function IS_KEY_PRESSED()

    Yes you can do your own visualisation. I have done many things like position display that sits by the jog keys but 3D version is ... in the works.

    Currently getting data and animating 4 of 6 axes. one of these days i will have some time to play with it and add other two, then get nicer looking robot model than square rods... oh well... no time for hobby

    Here is a small preview if you like:

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