Best practice to calibrate real world to roboguide

  • For the first time I have to setup a path that needs follow the edge of a part to a fairly high degree. I am also trying to get used to roboguide which i never really used.

    I am currently trying to think about how to calibrate the real world to roboguide.

    I mounted a pointer on the robot and taught it as a TCP. Now the plan is to check the world coordinates of 4 corners of the part and maneuver the CAD file of the part I have in roboguide until the positions match. Is that common/good way to do it? Any tips on exactly how to do that?

    Thanks in advance!

  • AD
  • There's a calibration tool in roboguide in your fixture properties, on the "calibration" tab. The way it works; it creates a calibration program, you teach the points in roboguide, then copy the program to the real robot and touch up the points there. Then you load the updated "real world" calibration program back to roboguide and it automatically updates the fixture location to match the real world.

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