Need help to remote with FD on Desk 2

  • Has anyone connected to their Nachi remotely using the new FD on desk 2? if so how did you remote into your robot? is there a good manual on setup or do i just input the IP address in the startup on the program?:?::?:



  • AD
  • Go to Constant setting -> Communication -> Ethernet -> TCP/IP

    Disable DHCP client

    IP address :

    Subnet Mask :

    Complete. Restart

    Go to Constant setting -> Communication -> Ethernet -> FTP

    FTP : Enable

    Anonymous account : Allowed

    Connection no : 1

    Connection time out : 900

    FTP home directory : D:\WORK

    Directory permission : Read/Write


    On PC :

    IP address :

    Subnet Mask :

    On FD on Desk II :

    Create new project, then add controller, select "new folder" ( and select WORK folder), select FD/CFD

    Connect to "Remote screen display"

    To upload and download, Open windows explorer, enter following URL address :

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