VKRC1 mastering

  • So after a total mess in the wiring i had to fix (kind of expected on such a cheap piece) i managed to get it to stop the errors, well short of.

    problem is untill i fixed everything wire related that the previous owner did in order to make it run, the betteries run out, i know about the EMT but that is about as much as i got the robot if not higher. Now for the dial method i must have done something wrong, i know some you will think i did a very dumb mistake but i am totaly new.

    i got the axis need mastering errors on all 6 axis, i used a micrometer dial with a magnetic base. i got the robot at the mastering position matching the white notches and then i used the micrometer on manual mode to fine tune it. i went to setup->master->dial and checked all axis. it said it was ok "robot mastered". i went to run a simple program and i got the "work envelope exceeded" error, here i found this Error 1342 WORK ENVELOPE EXCEEDED

    which led me to check the cartesian position of the robot where it shows nothing on all 6 axis. Did i do something wrong or does this happens sometimes and i need to just do it again?

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    Cartesian position has no valid value until a Base and Tool are activated.

    Matching the white witness marks is not valid for Mastering -- those marks incorrect by several degrees. They are intended to be used as the starting position for the EMT motion.

    The EMT works by engaging the mastering gauge (spring-loaded pin) on each axis, and dragging it slowly across the Mastering Target (small flat-topped conical feature with a precise V-notch machined into the top). The pin and the V-notch are machined to match.

    So, the "emergency" method for Mastering without an EMT is not to line up the white marks. It is to use a small plastic (not metal) in place of the EMT to perform the mastering by feel. Start by lining up the white marks, and know that the actual mastering position is in the axis's negative direction. Uncap the mastering gauge, and use the plastic tool (pen, toothpick, stylus, whatever) to push the center plate inward -- this will cause the pin to extend. Very slowly, jog the axis in the negative direction until the pin contacts the outer edge of the target and begins climbing the slope. Keep going until the pin achieves the flat top of the target, and then falls into the V-notch. The actual Mastering point is when the pin touches the very bottom of the V-notch, and you will need to keep mild pressure on the gauge in order to feel this happening. It may take more than one attempt to avoid overshooting. Also, make sure that you always move in the negative direction. When the axis is stopped with the gauge pin exactly touching the bottom center of the target V-notch, use the Dial Mastering for that axis.

  • well i can't thank you enough for the help, i thought the robot wasn't really 0 just by seeing it but i could work with an offset, i didn't think i could do it that wrong.

    "Cartesian position has no valid value until a Base and Tool are activated."

    is this necessary to stop the "work envelop exceeded" error?

    any tips on how to do that?

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