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  • Hello everybody, I have a little problem. On my robot I have a lot of programs/subprograms that can run in production. But When I choose ABORT ALL, it does reset on actual running program. How can I do when I press "abort all" it will go to my MAIN.TP program to row 0? I have set in Prog select mode to OTHER, start method UOP, name of program i choose MAIN but it doesnt do what i want. :/

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  • Yes I press FCTN+Abort All (enter). Now I'm thinking how to do this thing. Because I have my own HMI through Browser and it is not so nice to want from an operator to click on select, turn main.tp on and then macro button to play browser again. We have here no external device, just an operation panel with buttons (start, reset robot, reset maintenance, stop cycle, open door.)..

  • hmm stil doesnt do things well. If I reset robot with reset button (or shift+reset), it just does reset and if I choose start, it starts the last chosen program (another like main). But never plays my main.tp program. I dont remember this well but i think that there should be some system variable and some parameters which I have to change for this.

  • Check System/Config Line 42 Remote/Local Setup. From what you are describing it sounds like it's set it local. If you select the program you want(Main) it should go to start of that program on local setup. However, if you want to get it to abort/run and always go to "MAIN.TP", no matter what you need to get it off - "Local"

  • Now I'm not by the robot. But no, I dont have Local. I run the proccess from the external buttons. There's no problem with running or stopping program. There is one problem, that i want to automatically open ,,main.tp" program after FCTN+ABORT ALL. Because i think it's not so nice to want from an operator to find some main.tp in lot of programs by pressing select and then pushing macro button to open HMI again.

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