S4C+ with USB FDD device

  • Hello,

    I have an IRB 1400 S4C+ with USB FDD device installed. Trouble is that, from time to time, once I want to backup system on "floppy" don't recognize media. Sometimes do, sometimes not.

    Now, I need to reinstall RW and I need reliable device. Therefore, my idea is to install regular floppy disk drive and to use key disk + RW disks + option disk for reinstallation.

    To finalize, I need to do restore from backup, and there is the catch! What if backup file is over 1.44MB as capacity of floppy disk? There is no difference if I use USB because I need to use UFloppy Manager to format USB stick on 1.44MG.

    Some idea, please?

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  • Save your syspars separate, they are not especially large but good to do anyway. You might just have to save all your modules one by one until you fill up a "floppy" Then move on to the next. After you cold start and install the new system, you will have to load them all, one by one, until you have it back to where it was before.

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