Do Kuka robots have webserver like Fanuc?

  • Hey guys, I am expecting to soon receive Kuka robots at my facility, but don't have any at the moment, so I still know nothing about them. I have a tool developed for my Fanuc robots that uses their webserver to communicate with them, so I was wondering if I will be able to also integrate the Kukas in it, if Kukas have anything like that? Is there a webserver, can you do http requests?

  • As far I know, KUKA doesn't have a webserver like FANUC one.

    I didn't understand what You exactly want to achieve, but one of the operating systems running inside a KRC controller is Windows, so You can communicate with them, mostly in the way You would communicate with another Windows PC.

    For more advanced stuff, You will probably need a software option.

  • The KRCs have (had?) a small built-in webserver, but it only reported basic information about the controller and was not alterable or interactive with programs, from what I recall. Basically just a status page.

    If you want to use TCP/IP (or UDP) communications between a PC-type application and programs executing in the KRC, then you need one of the options that Panic mentioned. EKI is intended for sending and receiving XML-formatted data, but can also use raw ASCII strings. But it works more like a Telnet connection than a web server.

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