KUKA Linear Axis External Transformation Question

  • I am currently investigating the setup of a KL1500-3 external linear axis, and have a question regarding the necessary external transformations. I am referencing the manual "External Axes For KUKA System Software 5.5 and 5.6", issued 15.02.2011 (our software version is V5.6.12).

    Based on the example given in on page 101 (see attached image), The axis of motion for the linear axis must be the Z-axis of $ETx_TA1KR. My team ran a test changing the translations on our robot to remove the 90 degree rotation in B from $ETx_TA1KR, and subsequently calibrating the transform for $ET1_TFLA3. However, upon changing the B-entry of $ETx_TA1KR to 0.0, the axis refused to move.

    Question: Why does the axis of motion for the linear axis need to be the Z-axis of ETx_TA1KR for the system to function?

    Thank you for helping the team's understanding!

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  • Simple answer: It is convention. From a mathematical point of view any axis would be possible. But in this case you would need to specify which axis you want additionally in machine data. But this is not available in machine data.


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