ABB irc5 controller without axis 5 and 6

  • Hi all,

    Recently bought an irc5 cabinet which I'm trying to set up and couple with an irb140 T, gone through a few struggles but manage to have it happy however I've just realised that there's no axis 5 and 6 on the controller properties?? Is this something easy enough to set up though robotstudio or flex pendant or is it more of a hardware matter?

    Thank in advance

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  • So these two did not come as a pair it sounds like. The system installed in the controller is maybe an IRB340? You would need to create a system in robotstudio with that robot type and install it in the controller. I can forsee the difficulty in that you propably do not have the robot system keystring, including the drive module key. Maybe you do have it with the 140 that you got.

  • Lemster68 thanks for joining, you're right they did not come as a "bundle" I got the arm first and then managed to source the controller and pendant. Now I've come across 1000 different problems only this morning and managed to get through all and overlooked the axis configuration with so much going on. Got the key for the irc5 system luckily found it in an old backup that was stored in memory so wiped everything and installed a new system using the system builder, there was hardware missing, other redundant, typical when you get stuff like this that's been decommissioned from a process the folks just cut through every single cable 🤦‍♂️ but that key string that was in the backup was for the original 4 axis robot I'm guessing.

    I'm just wondering what do I need to do to get axis 5 and 6 included in this system, still wandering through the software but running out of options now

  • It is my understanding that a control module key will bring up the characteristics of a specific robot?

    Would I then need to have a key for an irb140 T?


  • 😅 There's always that 😁

    Something will have to be done about this, buried too much money on it can't end like this now 😂

  • Yes and I feel silly now, somehow we only realise how simple things are after we ask for help 😂 it does make sense now it was controlling a spider robot they have 4 axis.

  • Lemster68, tried using a key string from a backup of another irb140 C on an irc5 controller as well, also tried ABB over the phone (still waiting for them to come back) but this other key string gave me an error on the drive system not supported, not system 9🤦‍♂️ why does it have to be such pain 🤯

  • Both panel and robot are 2007, I'm finding it quite difficult to get hold of technical support over the phone, always on hold. It'd be the end of my problems if I could get the drive key for this serial number on my irb140 it's a waiting game 🙂

  • Maybe, but I would just be patient with ABB in getting the right one. There are two keys; one is for the robot system, all the options that were bought, software and hardware wise. Then there is the key for the drive module. If you used another keystring you could have troubles with the robot expecting hardware, cards for IO or what not present that yours does not have.

  • Also, what version of robotstudio are you using? The most recent? Your robot goes a way back so the main computer probably cannot be upgraded to the current version. While you are waiting work on getting older robotstudio, like 5.60 or, more likely 5.15. Add older version of the robotware so you will be better prepared.

  • You're right config issues are a pain, I've had to find out what is and what isn't on the current set up, a lot of RW installs on top of installs but got there in the end it's just that string of characters that's messing everything up now.. I'll follow the advice though

    Using the latest RS atm

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    If you have the System 04 or 06 drive units in the 340 cabinet, you will need to change the 4-axis drive unit to the correct 6-axis drive unit:

    System 04 for IRB140 is 3HAC14546-1

    System 06 for IRB140 is 3HAC025338-001

    Rectifiers and capacitor units are the same.

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