FTP server on an E controller

  • Afternoon Gents,

    Has anyone here successfully been able to setup the FTP server in Aux Menu 08-15 and manage to access it with a FTP client over a network connetion?

    I've done a quick search on the forum but to no avail. The kawasaki manuals don't seem to have much other than the faults associated with FTP. Even the opration manual skips from AUX0812 to AUX0818 and misses out the FTP settings on AUX0815.

    I did some quick testing today by enabling the FTP server, Gave it an address (, username and simple password. Left the other settings as default and tried accessing it with a free copy of FileZilla. Also does anyone know if you can set the path to USB\ for the FTP server?

    Sample picture of AUX0815 below:

    I tried connecting, but after a few failed attempts I started changing one setting at a time and connecting again. Unfortunately i couldn't get it to work so i wanted to know if anyone here has tried and managed to make it work so i have working example to start from.

    Any advice or pointers in the right direction is apreciated.

  • I remember setting this up about 5 years ago successfully, but have never done it since.

    However, I can report the function does work.

    On my C Controller, FTP is available (only where the Controller is a client) and this also works well to.

    The only real advice I can offer is:

    - Check the TCPIP Communications manual, there is some additional information here but sadly no working example.

    - Try and also use Filezilla Server and see if you can test the connection to a PC folder.

    - Also, check your firewall, I know a lot of the times people have their ethernet set as public and is blocked.

    If I can remember some other specifics, I'll post them.

  • Thanks Kwakisaki,

    After further investigation it's becoming clear that the robot is only FTP client. AUX0815 is the login settings for the FTP server you want to connect to.

    As per usual the robot is the slave in the communications department.

    I found the relative information in the TCP/IP communication manual as per your suggestion and was exactly what i was after.

    I did a quick test from FileZilla Client to the FileZilla Server and it works fine. Next would be to setup the robot FTP client and see if i can get it to connect to the FTP server on my laptop as a test.

  • Yes, I think you're correct in respect of client only.

    Thinking about it, why would you have a Robot 'serving files' and acting like a library.

    I think sometimes Kawasaki do themselves no favours by some of the words/titles they choose - FTP Server - which in itself insinuates 'Server'.

    On the C Controller there is no 'hint' of the word server - everything related to the FTP function is referred to as LAN.

    Setup memory=>LAN autosaving

    Setup remote host information - Which is AUX0815 equivalent (exactly the same fields).

    I am 100% sure you will be able to set it up to function, just remember your firewall.

    Let us know how you get on.

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