Connect simulation yaskawa robot on MOTOSIM and Siemens PLC with PLC SIM ???

  • Hello everyone.

    In my previous project, I program the robot in real with teach pendant. In the time of programming, my robot was connected with plc and I have no problem testing sequence. :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

    Now I try to prepare a job on simulation. I have a robot cell and it is working super fine. I have a PLC program in the TIA portal and it works great by himself. now I try to connect those two simulations and try to test my sequence if programs work fine together. I am new on this work (X/X/X/ )with programming and I have not previous experiences. My colleagues at work mostly work with plc and don't know robot stuff. Can anyone now hot to connect PLC TIA PORTAL SIMULATION INPUT-OUTPUT AND MOTOSIM YASKAWA INPUT-OUTPUTS???? :/:/:/

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  • Only thing I've found about motosim is that it has "it's own plc". So you can simulate some signal according to robot signals, timers etc...

    Until now I haven't found any way to connect siemens plc sim to motosim.

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