OLD LR mate 200i with R-J2 Mate

  • Hello, I have old robot(LR mate 200i) (R-J2 Mate). I found some manuals. And I need create new program. What name is programing tool for fanuc year 1999/02? sorry for my english :smiling_face:

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  • Controlling a robot from a PLC and programming tools are 2 different things. Can you explain a little more about what you are trying to do? Also there are many different programming tools. Do you have a specific tool in mind? Are you looking for offline robotic programming, ladder logic, simulation, CAM, floppy disk emulator?

  • I looking for some program on PC. Where i create "moves" for robot and plc via peripheral device control interface call this program. I looking for same program on PC.

  • The PC program back then was called WinTPE. It allows offline programming. You would also need kfloppy to transfer the files. These old software programs tend to have issues running on newer PC's. Windows XP should be ok.

    For PLC it depends on what type. Simplest way would be to hardwire a few digital I/O for start, reset, abort, etc.

    There was a PLC IO option and allen bradley option but your robot may not have those options.

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