Using weave on a circumferent weld around a cylinder

  • Hey.

    Running into issues when trying to weld around a cylinder-type part. Using coordinated motion, normally I can weld any which way on any surface with all 6 + 1 axes moving around. However, what should be (to the robot) a simple straight line around a cylinder becomes all sorts of trouble when adding a weave into the mix; thinking back to when trigonometry was a regular part of my day-to-day life I'm thinking asking the torch to perform a sine function without any motion on the torch itself could be the issue (having no forward motion is not unlike having a tangent of 0, which i suppose could result in an undefined solution to a sine wave) - though I sort of thought the controller would handle the external axis in such a way that it would consider turning that as the value for the wavelength. Without a weave, no problem; adding in SWVON and it's almost random what it does with it. SCOMARC is almost out of the question as it takes the random and applies it to the weld path.

    Our OLP attempts to correct this by making the torch move slightly during the weld but it really negatively impacts the weld path, and on the pendant I can move the torch but even minor changes can mess with a 1mm amplitude on a precision weld.

    Anyone come across this issue? Is there a solution I'm not seeing? In a nutshell I just want the torch to stay put and oscillate like an ECG needle while the rotary does all the work.

    Oh, DX100/MA3100 setup with Miller, fwiw

  • To use Sync weaving you have to have syncronished the external axis with the the robot. They have to be setup as master and slave in combination Groups. Only then will it work correctly. Make sure your approach is the same path as the weld path as the for the weav to work correctly.

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