Setting J6 for Continuous turn - speed

  • Hi,

    I am using J6 axis in some applications as a continuous turn axis. On the cont. turn setup screen my only options are Gear ratio for motor and axis, which I have left to default. My problem is when in CTV mode, the turn speed at 100% is not really fast... Do the gear ratio for motor and axis options affect the speed of the cont. turn axis? The manual doesn't really go in depth explaining how those values affect the speed or provide a chart with appropriate value ranges. What should I do to increase the cont. turn speed ?

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  • Hi ps0f0r,

    you have to set up the gear ratio correct.

    Check if the default values correspondend with the settings mentioned in the manual (i, don't know which) for your specific robot arm.

    Ask Fanuc for the ratio.

    Don't try to set the ratio to a own value. the ratio is used to set the master count (Axis6) internally!

    Maybe I'am wrong but at RJ2 controllers I believe it was like i mentioned above.

    Best regards


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