Running Motoman XRC programs on RoboDK

  • Hi,

    I'm quite new to programming robots, so I thought getting familiar with it using RoboDK, might come useful.

    I'm trying to upload a program to RoboDK, but I think the coordinates are some numbers that the robot generates internally, since they were input using manual teach.

    My question is: how can you convert those coordinates to something that RoboDK (and myself) might be able to understand?


    the program generates these position parameters:



    and then uses it in the program as so:

    MOVJ C00001 BC00001 VJ=20.00

    can someone please explain me the logic behind it? I also tried going through the programming guide, but no luck there.


  • When you make a program in a Yaskawa robot you record the six encoder values at each position. The C00001=...... are the six encoder positions for the the robot. The six numbers are in order, the six axis of the robot S/L/U/R/B/T. The BC00001=.... is the base axis the robot is on.

    In the program each motion command (MOVJ, MOVL...) moves to the corresponding positional data at the speed programmed. So,

    "MOVJ C00001 BC00001 VJ=20.00"

    is really moving the robot in Joint motion type to encoder values S:-57186,L:-50714,U:-32217,R:-8816,B:-103803,T:37118 and the base axis to 218969 at a velocity of 20%.


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