Multimove System with 2 External Motors

  • Hi all

    I am currently trying to put together a Multimove system with 2x 2400's and 2 external axis motors running off 1 IRC5 dual cabinet (main controller and extra drive only cabinet on top).

    I have 1 external axis drive unit in the main controller, and 1 external axis drive unit in the drive only controller. The idea being that 1 robot and 1 motor work together.

    So ROB1 works with Motor1 and ROB2 works with Motor2.

    I am using a second drive only cabinet for the second robot. All is working fine except the 2nd external motor. It seems to me that when it tries to jog, it is using the external axis drive unit that is in the main controller rather than the external axis drive unit I have placed in the drive module only cabinet. The reason I think this is because I jog motor1 and it rotates fine. Then I change to jog motor2 and motor1 quickly vibrates and shudders and a joint collision is created. I cant seem to get motor2 to do anything

    I have looked through the configuration and I can't find where I'd tell it to use the external axis drive unit in drive module 2?

    Has anyone had any experience in doing this?

    Thanks in advance! :)

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