My paranoic boss lost the USB-stick for KRC4. There I can download ISO or IMG of it?

  • I know this is a stupid question, but i'm connected via 486SX/16Mb and ancient 512Kbit/s-DSLmodem in a middle of Sudan desert ;) Not a joke...

    Please, can anyone share the ISO of USB-stick or share the link?

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  • Well... You can call KUKA and they can send You a link to download the images for C and D drives of Your robot, but have in mind these images will be huge in size, and You will get in trouble trying to download it from Your internet connection.

    And even with the proper images (remember You didn't give any information about Your robot), You will still need a original KUKA USB Stick to write its these images on robot, You cannot do this with a regular USB stick.

    But, If You have access to the robot itself, the best way would be make an image of its HDD/SSD using a tool like Clonezilla or Acronis. This method was discussed on forum sometimes.

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