Fanuc S420 RO connection

  • Hello,

    We got an old S420 robot, it works well.

    I want to get a programable signal out of the robot to be able to start stop the device at the end.

    The robot has no end effector now.

    I searched the documentations I have and I know now that the RDO signals should come out on CRM10 cennector from the main unit.

    My main question is if I program R[1]=ON, this means that I need to get 24 volt on CRM10 pin 14? Because I found the attached pin layout. I have 24 volt on pin 07 and 20, but when I set the RO[1] to ON, I don't get 24 volts on pin 07 and 14.

    Second question:

    I got the EE connector on the robot. This connector should be connected with CRM10? Because I found the pin layout and there are the same signals on it, but I don't even have 24 volt there?

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  • if you set RDO1 = 1 you should get 24V between 1 and 8. RDO2 = 1 than you should get 24V between 2 and 8, RDO3=1 than you should get 24V between 3 and 8 etc.

    Than there is RDO7 = 1 you should get 24V between 21 and 8, and RDO8=1 you should get 24V between 22 and 8.

  • Sorry, I was not clear.

    If I check CRM10 connector, I have 24 v on pin 7 and 20.

    If I check EE connector pin 8 and 19 or 20, I don't have 24 V.

    If I put RO[1]=ON, then I don;t get 24 v on CRM10 connector pin 7 and 14.

    By the way is a little bit confusing for me that in TP program I write RO (Robot Output), but in documentation is written everywhere RDO (probably Robot Digital Output)

  • Can anybody help me?

    I can't get out a signal from the controller.

    If I set RO[1]=ON, I don't get 24 Volt on CRM10 pin 07 and 14.

    Do I need to set something in the controller to get the signal?

  • I attach some pictures about the cabinet and Version.

    If don't get out the signal it means that I have problem on my main board?

    Or are they some settings that disable the outgoing signals?

  • Hello,

    Thanks for the observation.

    I did realize yesterday that indeed the normal state is high.

    But the main problem is that I don't get any signal on the main CPU board on connector CRM10, No metter how I set the RDO-s, I only have 24 volt on pin 7 and 20 (CRM10 connector)

    Does that mean that my main board is defective?

    Could be there some fuse on the PCB that could be blown?

  • Just throwing my 2 cents in but have a closer look on the board in arm itself, it may well have a jumper to change from PNP to NPN.

    RE: EE Connector Pinout Questions

    It would be more prudent to hunt down a manual specific for your model to ascertain if you have a configuration or a hardware issue.

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  • Finally I found what I missed.

    These outputs are current driven, not voltage driven.

    I couldn't measure voltage, but when I connected it to the 24V source trough a relay, it works fine.

    Thanks for the support.

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