How to know what teach pendants work with a R-30 iA.

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    I have a R-30 iA with a R-2000iB 210F robot but it has a Monochrome teach pendant. Looking through E-bay for a used iPendant or at least one a little newer, I have found myself confused on what will and wont work with my system. Can anyone shed some light on what pendant I am looking for. The numbers on the back include a type # it is in the format of three sets of four digits, Is there a code in those numbers? When I got a quote from Fanuc, the part number on the quote looked like the type #. Are they the same? Is that the type I am looking for? It even looks like maybe the first two sets of four numbers might be a model and the last 4 digits are something else. Any information that help would be welcomed. Thanks everyone.

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  • With R-30iA there were basically three different pendants used:

    1. Legacy B&W

    2. First Gen iPendant (rounded appearance)

    3. Second Gen iPendant (sharper corners)

    There will also be a number of different keymasks, general, material handling, spot welding, arc welding. The pendant will of course work the same regardless of which mask it uses, but the matching of mask to process may be very important to your customer.

    The iPendants require firmware on the controller for full functionality. An iPendant will work without the firmware but the functionality will be the same as a legacy pendant.

    The middle four digits of the PN will indicate what the basic type of TP is and the final four digits and letters minor options like key mask, touch screen etc.

    Here are some TP part numbers that will work with R-30iA:

    A05B-2301-C195 Legacy - General

    A05B-2490-C140#EMH 1st Gen iPendant - MH Mask

    A05B-2518-C202#EMH 2nd Gen iPendant - MH Mask

    A05B-2518-C202#EGN 2nd Gen iPendant - General Mask

    A05B-2518-C204#EMH 2nd Gen iPendant - MH Mask

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