KUKA servo motor selection for Gudel linear track(tmf_2)

  • We are looking for Kuka compatible motor for our Gudel linear track(TMF_2) . we have a problem with rated torque

    we have kuka motor data if somebody can help me on rated torque it will be great

    Robot Type: kr60(695kg)

    supplementary loads on carriage=40kg

    Gearbox side, Shaft Dia = 20mm, Key Size = 6 x 2.8 mm

    Motor Side, Shaft Dia =32mm, Key Size =10 x 3.3mm

    gearbox shaft= smooth shaft

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  • Which column of the TM_2 PDF is relevant to your Gudel unit?

    Gudel should be able to tell you what the minima required are for a drive motor. Given their history with KUKA, they can probably even recommend a specific KUKA servo.

    Keep in mind that the max torque of a KUKA servo can change, depending on what KSP you are running it with.

    Based on my own experience with Gudel rails, I'd be inclined to think the MG_220 should serve, as long as the rail is properly maintained and lubricated.

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