System Variable for Acceleration

  • Is there a variable or an easy way to get acceleration in the world coordinate system?

    $ACC_CAR_ACT seems to be aligned with the tool, and adds in gravity as well.

    KSS 8.5.X

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  • well i just tried it and changing tool data had no effect whatsoever.

    but what did have an effect is the flange orientation.

    any Cartesian data can be manipulated with help of geometric operator (position, speed, acceleration, load etc.)

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  • Just off the top of my head, probably something like:

    Tool0Pos = $POS_ACT_MES : INV_POS ($TOOL) ; get the position of Tool 0 (flange) in the active Base

    Set the XYZ of Tool0Pos to 0s, leaving just the ABCs.

    BaseAccel = Tool0Pos : $ACC_CAR_ACT

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