Swapping motors around... possible?

  • Hi,

    I am hoping maybe someone can shine some light or advise on a issue with the robot we have.

    We have:

    Kawasaki robot: RS15X A

    Kawasaki robot controller: E42F-A002

    Joint 3 encoder is not registering, when we Manually release the brakes and move joint 3 we can see on the TCP (hand controller, forgive me if I get anny terms wrong) that the encoder is not changing state.


    Question I have, can we swap this motor out with another one?

    We have 4 rotator tables that came with the robot and they have the same motor specs and brand (only difference is the last digit on the model numbers is different, one joint 3 is ‘S’ and rotator motor is ‘R’), I am suspecting the only difference with these motors is the drive shaft, because the drive shaft on the rotator motor does look quite long, but it also looks removable too (haven’t tired to remove yet)

    These are the details of the motors:

    Motor manufacturer: Sanyo Denki

    Joint 3 motor:



    Model: R2AA13200LCP2S

    Part no: 50601-1460

    Encoder details:

    Model: PA035-017BC00S


    Rotator Motor:



    Model: R2AA13200LCP2R

    Part no: 50601-1490

    Encoder details:

    Model: PA035-017BC01H

    I have contact Sanyo Denki to get the motor details but they have informed me these are Kawasaki custom motors and they have zero information and I need to contact them, which I have and 3-4 weeks and still no reply.

    I have plugged the rotator motor using the joint 3 cables, and released the brake, the encoder information changes, so I highly doubt it is a cable issue

  • Only swap motors with the same part numbers.

    As mentioned by Sanyo Denki, they are custom and supplied under license, so for them to release details would be prohibited.

    Drive shafts are not 'attachments' and therefore should not be removed/swapped (in my opinion), especially just to confirm whether an encoder fault is present.

    I have plugged the rotator motor using the joint 3 cables, and released the brake, the encoder information changes, so I highly doubt it is a cable issue

    This is as much as you can do to confirm the encoder is goosed.

    Clearly if the original motor/encoder assembly is producing errors and also the values are not altering, and when you wire in the replacement and obtain altering values, then this highlights encoder failure.

    You should also use the WHERE 5 monitor command to display the actual encoder bit values.

    If these are not changing, this also confirms the encoder is not operating correctly.

    Order the same part number motor for Joint 3 and you should be good to go.

  • Thank you heaps for the information above.

    I am currently stuck to searching threads with my phone and not having much luck, so please forgive me for the next few questions if they have been answered before.

    I am very new to this, is there any training modules you can recommend that would help me learn and program the robot?

    Where do I find the WHERE 5 in the TCP?

    Does the encoder model numbers need to match as well? (I have pulled them apart to have a closer look to see if I could spot the fault on joint 3, and worked out very quickly these are put together in a clean lab...)

    When we get the other motor, I recalled reading that you need to change the serial numbers in the controller so the controller knows what it is looking at and telling what to do etc, is this correct? (and can it be adjusted/changed in the TCP?)

  • TCP - You should refer to this as the Teach Pendant or TP usually.

    TCP in robotics is used for Tool Centre Point.

    The WHERE command as Alexandru

    According to the Manual (attached for your reading), you do have a separable encoder type motor.

    Therefore, only the encoder assembly is required to be ordered and not the motor.

    (as it is a separable type, then ordering the motor, I would assume is supplied without the encoder - so please enquire about it when you order).

    However, I do not have the encoder part no, possibly MK32 series.

    To make it easier, your local Kawasaki distributor should only require the model and serial no. and they can cross reference the correct parts for you, so I would speak to them directly.

    In the attached, it explains the zeroing procedures required (simple zeroing), you would just need to rezero JT3 if this is the only joint you've interfered with.

    Your local Kawasaki distributor should be able to direct you to training courses and availability..

    My company (UK based) can offer training if you are located in the UK, but not via this forum.

  • Hi,

    Sorry I’ve been meaning to reply for a while...

    I’m located in Australia, are the Kawasaki distributors linked? Are you able to reference which one is in Australia?

    I get two pop up, one is diverseco and the other is robot technologies-systems Australia

  • I'm from the UK so do know many, but what you mentioned above are probably the bigger authorised system integrators I've 'heard of'.

    Most authorized integrators, usually have very good connections with the 'mothership' so spares, technical advice and support is usually very good.

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