Fanuc 200iC with R30iA Mate controller with alot of problems!

  • Hey guys,

    I have been having alot of problems with one of my Fanuc 200iC with R30iA Mate controller that is mounted in a grinding machine, and I would really like to get some help from you.

    I've been contacting Fanuc Headquarters here in Sweden, but they stopped returning my mails and they didn't really found the problem themselves when they were here and troubleshooted the robot unluckly. I'm pre-warning you for a long post, but I really need to describe everything so you get the whole picture. And apologies for misspelling or grammar, english isn't my main language

    - It started with a simple fault. The robot went in E-stop, but not the machine. The alarm was SRVO-105 Door open or E.Stop. We had a safety Door Switch mounted on the door of this controller, so I choosed to replace the Door Switch at first.

    - The robot and machine was running for a while, maybe a day or two. Then the problem appeared again. This time I choosed to change the E-stop Unit inside the controller. I figured it maybe was a problem with it, and maybe that's why the Door Switch is faulting.

    - Same sh*t, the machine was running a day or two. I jumped the Door Switch on the E-stop unit to get rid of it completly.

    - And again, the Machine was running maybe two days.

    Then I went on vacation for four weeks. The machine/robot has not been touched att all, but the power was still on during my vacation. When I got back and tried to restart the cycle of the robot 3 new alarms appeared after a whole day of running the machine:

    - SRVO-050 Collision Detect alarm (G:1 A:5)

    - SRVO-053 Disturbance excess (G:1 A:5)

    - SRVO-105 Door open or E.stop

    - IMSTP input (Group 1)

    So I contacted Fanuc here in Sweden, the sended over two different technicians to see what the problem was. So the first time they were here, they changed all of the cables in the robot and motor 5. The alarms was still there.

    Second time they changed the Servo card/Backplane. The problems was still there.

    Third time they changed basicly all of the cables inside of the Controller including the Pendant and pendant cable. So yeah, basicly everything inside the controller and the Robot and Controller is changed, but the problem persist.

    And It's driving me crazy. I've also measured with high precision multimeter everywhere. I've been also measuring that the earth/ground is okey everywhere, and it is! And now Fanuc have stopped answering me and I need to get the machine up and running.

    So my question is, have someone seen or been in contact with this kind of problem before? All theories and fixes are more welcome. Like I said, I've basicly changed everything except the Main board and the RMP-cable.

    Thanks in advance, hope you having a great day!

    // Swedish Boy

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  • Hi,

    I would try to replace the servo amplifier...

    Like I said, I've already did. 2 different ones just to be sure. Have changed literally everything except the RMP-cable and Main Board.

    Could it be mechanical? With the axis J5 belt disconnected, does J5 move easily through its entire range with no binding or roughness?

    Yes, all of the axis are moving completly fine. The brakes works fine also. Every motor is changed. Haven't changed harmonic drives, but when I disconnect the motor the rotate the axis the harmonic drives feels good. So yeah, that's why I feel a bit lost here.

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