DX100 Minor alarm 4384[Safety Signal Error(CPU1)

  • Hi.

    We recently replaced the pendant on our DX100, the screen died on the last one, and on the 2nd day of operation, we got a string of the error I mentioned in the title. We managed to clear it by sort of... doing all the basic troubleshooting steps but as its the 2nd day it is concerning so I tried to research the alarm code.

    Can't find it, or a record of anyone dealing with it, anywhere online.

    Anyone familiar with this? It's a minor, I assume CPU1 is getting sporadic false safety data from the robot or the pendant, but - what good does a general guess do me? Aha.

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  • Okay so, an update - now we're not getting an error code but as of this morning the robot doesn't really want to keep its servos on in play mode. With fiddling it'll eventually run a job but if you stop it it won't fire.

    I've looked for any externals blocking the light curtain beams, all the doors, etc etc.

    They'll turn on in teach (understandibly with the safety settings being moot) but just sporadically wont work in play.

    Not sure what to try.

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