How to transfer files back to the robot with KFLOPPY?

  • So I stumbled upon an old fanuc robot, i18 I believe is the model?! With the R2J controller, it has only RS232 port and nothing else, we managed to download programs from the robot with KFLOPPY, but how do we upload programs back to the robot?

  • Yes. As far as the robot controller is concerned, it is a PS100 floppy drive.

    Meaning? I havent tried because i havent been around the robot, Menu->Files->Set device->Floppy and that will list the files in the kfloppy directory on the pc and then i just load them, is that how it works?

  • Sorry, I assumed there was some documentation somewhere. Sometimes I forget how tough Fanuc makes it to get manuals.

    When looking at the list of files, highlight the file you want to load and press F3 load.

    If backing up controller, use 'All of Above'.

    Loading the system files (.SV) needs to be done at a control start.

  • Okay, now when we download the files from the Robot, they are saved in .PE extension, and when we try to load them back to the robot, the robot doesnt see them, how do we load the .pe files back to the robot? Do we first need to convert them to .TP somehow, if so, how?

  • Never had that happen to me but I did find this on the forum > .PE file thread <. I would move them to another directory and view them with a text editor just for future reference.

    Try searching "rj2 controller floppy" on Google - you'll find a rare R-J2 HandlingTool pdf that will help a lot.

    Attached is what a typical R-J2 'All of Above' backup should look like.

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