A Little Note - INTP-222 and INTP-280

  • Hi everyone,

    This isn't really a question, just a little blurb to help someone in case they run into what I just ran into.

    I have an R-2000iB/210-F with an R-30iA controller, and was trying to call a motion routine program within another motion routine program. Couldn't figure out why, but I kept getting "INTP-222" and "INTP-288" errors, which don't really have a solution in the error code manual. I talked to a friend, and I had to go to the details page for each of the programs the error was occuring for, and hit "Next", then "Enable" for Handling, then "End.". Since I had never seen this before I was quite baffled. FANUC tech support didn't help much either.

    Just an FYI.


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