Fanuc Roboguide Grinding

  • Hello togehter

    This isn't a question in first way...

    1st of April this year, I started a new job were i can programm fanuc robots offline with Roboguide. The robots grind bodies for water taps. Offline programming is all new to the company as well, I am the only an first one who does this. I can't ask guys from my companie...

    Before this job, i worked for 7 years with CNC machines, I have a good knowlege about basic tooling with milling and turning machines and programming in ISO-Code, Fanuc-CNC, Siemens-CNC and CAM programming. But robot programming is all new to me. I already had the Roboguide basic training from Fanuc Academy Switzerland. At end of April, i will have basic usage training of Fanuc robots.

    Through this Thread, I want to find pepole who have a similar job to mine. Ones who can give me some tips for programming robots for grinding and polishing parts with RTCP. It's not about my problem like, why does my robot don't move??? It's more like: I am doing it this way. Do you know a better way?

    Maybe in some time we can learn from each other and proceed to the next level together.8o

    Thank you guys

    And sorry for my english ;(:D

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  • Hi,

    I am managing a faucet factory in Vietnam so we are planning to use Fanuc robots for grinding taps as Pasu979 is doing now.

    hope to communicate with you.



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