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    I would like to calculate the robot's movement times. Does K-roset give correct times if I added the weight of the tool and package. I would like to turn up project but it requires work and I would like to see how much I can gain from it. I also noticed the "ipeaklog" function. I think it would be useful, but I can't turn it on.

    I also found only the maximum rotational speeds, do you know how to calculate the maximum linear speed over a given distance? Robot Kawasaki 130u.

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  • I never trust simulation cycles times, for this reason, I never look into using/relying on them, maybe as an overall value, but certainly not from an optimisation perspective as this rarely compares with real world (just my opinion though).

    Therefore I cannot advise on this regarding K-Roset.

    The ipeaklog function is an optional function and may incur a cost to enable, but you should contact your local Kawasaki distributor to see if they can supply you with this.

    In a file save for your robot, if you do a search for ZLINSPEED, you will see a value to this.

    The value represents the maximum linear speed the robot could be set to over any given distance.

    However, you need to remember from standstill, you have acceleration period upto maximum speed and deceleration to stationary.

    If the distance you are travelling is less than this, then actually achieving that speed may not be possible.

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