Errors when moving to a frame that is a child under a base.

  • Hello,

    I am trying to understand why my application won't PTP or LIN move to a saved frame. The frame is a child of a base and I can manually ask the robot to ptp to the frame without the application. However instead of moving it just gives I bunch of errors (listed in the picture below). "arbeitsraumfehler" I know means work space error which makes me think the robot can't reach the location but I know that it can because I can do it on the pendant. I think I might just be call the frame the wrong way. Please help!

    The base is "base"

    the frame that is a child of base is "base1"

    I am using SunriseOS

    I have a LBR iiwa 14 R820

    Thanks in advance,

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  • There could be a possibility that your robot's current position has to be considered.

    LIN literally means a motion from where the robot is now to the targeted position.

    Even if you can reach to the target with manual jogging, it might not be able to make a LIN line from your position to there if the path is crossing some point where robot can not go through. Then both of manual LIN command and LIN in application will not work.

    You said the robot won't PTP or LIN, but I think PTP will work in that case either with manual PTP command or in application.

    To see if that's the case, try move your robot manually to a position somewhere near, and try it again, then we will see.

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