XMOVE with OR operator

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  • Hello,

    You can use a WHILE loop having that connditions or create a background program.

    For the WHILE loop, the robot will go to the final point and the motion it will be intrerupted by the conditions from the while.

    cond = 0

    LMOVE p1

    WHILE cond==0 DO

    IF SIG(1001) AND cond ==0 THEN


    cond = 1


    IF SIG(1002) AND cond==0 THEN


    cond = 2



    cond = 3



    CASE cond OF

    VALUE 1:

    TYPE "Robot stopped by 1001 signal"

    VALUE 2:

    TYPE "Robot stopped by 1002 signal"

    VALUE 3:

    TYPE "Robot reached the final position"

    ANY :

    TYPE "State unkown"



    And for the backgroup program:

    .PROGRAM autostart.pc ()


    IF SIG(1001) OR SIG(1002) THEN

    SIGNAL 2001


    SIGNAL -2001


    TWAIT 0.1

    GOTO loop

    Use XMOVE TILL 2001

    I know that the XMOVE function had some bugs with the old AS version, make sure to have the lastest version from AS and SV. And also make sure to have a watchdog for the background program, If it is in stopped mode, the robot might collide or do other silly thing.

  • Welcome to the forum...………:beerchug:

    I have never tried using multiple signals, so cannot be sure if it will accept the syntax or not.

    However, I am pretty sure you can only detect on single signal as there are positive/trailing edge detection modes and also /ERR and /LVL options associated with the command. and these would not be possible across more than one signal.

    In which case, a background task to provide the detection signal would be an alternative.

    - but the background task must be running prior to the XMOVE instruction

  • Hello, thank you for reply

    I made like that yesterday.

    Today, I tested and everything working good with background logic. I put on the beginning program PCEXECUTE command with this logic and everything is OK.

  • Before the XMOVE function you can check if the autostart is still running:

    IF TASK(1003)<>1 THEN

    PCABORT 3:



    This code will check if the autostart3 is not running, it will execute again. If you have a different program name, you can put the name into after the pcexecute 3: program_name.

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